Unify, integrate, analyze, and share previously siloed data with a cloud data platform that delivers scale, concurrency, and performance.

Cloud Computing

Deeta Analytics worked with us to build a proof-of-concept dashboard in conjunction with our Medill Subscriber Engagement Index initiative. The success of the POC led us to engage Deeta to build the MSEI operational platform. Deeta developed a highly efficient and cost-effective platform using Snowflake as the data warehouse. Deeta also developed a custom front-end visualization that will ultimately support thousands of users. Deeta clearly understood our requirements, developed an efficient and cost-effective solution, and quickly delivered an advanced platform. Deeta has been a valued partner for a complex project involving analytics, cloud based data warehousing, and data visualization. Jonathan Copulsky Executive Director, Medill Spiegel Research Center, Northwestern University


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Integrated CRM Platform


Get to serve your customers better with Salesforce. All business departments can now collaborate everywhere with each other using this integrated CRM platform.

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Custom Dashboard

Custom dashboards help you monitor your business and service efforts. They provide charts, monitors, and widgets to visually display your data. With custom dashboards, you receive better insights and save resources.

Deeta Analytics has stepped in and provided us with much needed strategy and development support with regards to new product development. They took the time to understand our needs and worked with us to take simple concepts and turned them into complex but buildable solutions which will improve our overall product line. Deeta Analytics is thorough with their research and provides detailed documentation which helps making decisions and moving through the development process a lot less strenuous for our organization. DIRECTOR, PRODUCTS & TECHNOLOGY Chicago Based Digital Agency Read More Tableau Optimization
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Model customer behavior, understand customer profitability, deliver seamless and consistent customer experience across touch points to increase customer lifetime value

Acquire Acquire Grow Grow Retain Retain Customer
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Manage, optimize, and customize your inventory, shelf placement, pricing, promotions and more. Data-driven insights to maximize profits and increase your customer base.



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Advanced Analytics Solutions

Improve efficiency by letting data guide your decisions

Data-Driven Decision Making

Data-driven decision-making means using data to guide a specific and strategic business decision. The value of data is growing and improving so it is necessary to create an environment that enables and encourages data usage.

By establishing this culture, your organization will see results such as;

  • Reduced costs
  • Increased profits
  • Lower risks
  • Added competitive advantage

Are you ready to improve your decision-making using data?

Data Driven Decision Making

How We Help You

At Deeta Analytics, we help you set up data infrastructures that collect the right data and deliver the best insights for your business. As a result, your decision-making becomes more efficient and enables your business to thrive.

  • Business Performance
    Business performance
  • Identify Trends
    Predict behavior
  • Business Performance
    Drive strategic
  • Drive Strategic
    Business performance
  • Understand Customers
    Understand customers
  • Predict Behavior
    Predict behavior
  • Identify Trends
    Identify trends
  • Insight into Data
    insights into data

Optimal Data Infrastructure

We use advanced tools and techniques to ensure that our clients get maximum utilization of their data infrastructure. We create solutions in;

Data Engineering
Data Engineering

We help you collect and validate data from various sources. Then we develop applications and solutions that use the validated data to help you make data-driven decisions.

Data Warehousing
Data Warehousing

Using our technologies, we help you collect your data into one central repository. You can now get clear insights that otherwise wouldn’t be seen in scattered data.

Data Lakes
Data Lakes

If you have plenty of data, we help you create a data lake. A data lake stores many kinds of data in one central repository. You can store any data about your business.

Data Security and Governance
Data Security and Governance

Deeta’s highly trained staff helps you protect your data from all unauthorized persons. We take a proactive approach and ensure that all international standards are met.

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