What is Customer Lifetime Value (CLV)? Customer Lifetime Value (CLV) is a customer’s total profit value to your company throughout the time they are your customer. CLV includes all the money they have spent, will spend, and the potential referrals to other prospective clients.CLV calculates and tells you the profit expected from a customer, which […]

Data management is the process of getting data and then storing, using, and protecting it reliably. With good data management comes great insights that lead to better business decisions. Why Should You Manage Your Data? Increased Productivity A good data management system leads to more productivity. How does it facilitate this? Due to data arrangement, […]

Retailers pay a great deal of attention to metrics such as same stores sales, sales per square foot, sales per employee, gross and net profit, average transaction value and foot fall. Most of these are result metrics that measure how well a retailer performs. However, there are certain “lead metrics” that may help predict the […]

As a marketer, you often face the dilemma where to invest your marketing dollars, specifically which customers to invest in. Do you invest in your high value customers or high growth customers? How do you recognize “growth” customers? How do you recognize “diminishing” customers? Each of these warrant extensive discussions that I will cover in […]

As a retailer, do you know which consumers buy more and why? Which in-store promotions are effective and why?  How effective is your merchandising and shelf placement?The answer to these questions lie in the market baskets of your consumers purchases. Market baskets analysis,  the scientific view into consumers’ shopping carts (the transactions), can provide deep […]