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What are Custom Dashboards

Custom dashboards help you monitor your business and service efforts. They provide charts, monitors, and widgets to visually display your data. With custom dashboards, you receive better insights and save resources.

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Benefits Of Custom Dashboards

  • A large Number of Users - Custom dashboards have no restriction on the number of users that can use them. Since you own the solution, you use it as you deem fit.
  • No Recurring Monthly Fees - The only cost you incur is development fees, that’s it. You will save funds since there is no monthly fee to use custom dashboards.
  • Custom Features - You can get features that are customized to your specific needs. This ability to have a say on the features you want helps you be efficient and get exactly the insights you need from your data.
  • User Friendly - Custom dashboards are easy to use since you know where all features are. You can also train key personnel on how to use it quickly and easily.
  • Easily Customizable - Since your dashboard is not tied to any third-party developer, you can change any feature at any time. This makes a custom dashboard very flexible.

What We Do

Create Custom Dashboards

Many clients have specific needs that most affordable out-of-the-box solutions can’t meet. At Deeta, we use our team of experts to create any dashboard for any specification. Any dashboard that you imagine, we will make it happen.


Our overly qualified team will help you make the right decision regarding what kind of features you should have in your dashboard. Using your business objectives and services, we suggest the best options to help you make the most out of your business data.

Dashboard Redesign

At Deeta, we can redesign dashboards to add additional features or improve how it is running. We can connect the dashboard to other third-party tools, e.g., Google Analytics, to add to your dashboard’s capabilities.

Why Deeta Analytics for Custom Dashboards

Experienced Team

Here at Deeta, you can expect our experienced team to help you create the perfect custom dashboard for you. Our in-house talent has hundreds of projects under their belt; this means that they can expertly guide you in building your custom dashboard.

Cost-effective Solutions

We understand that you may not have a big budget, and that is why we give you quality solutions that not only function perfectly but are also cost-effective. They help you monitor your business without breaking the bank.

Top Security

We make sure that all our solutions are using the latest and most advanced security features. At Deeta, we use techniques such as encryption to protect your data, helping you have an edge competitively.

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