Customer Analytics

What is Customer Analytics

Customer analytics can be defined as business owners using customer data to make informed decisions to improve and grow their business. This customer data can be gotten from tracking web activities, A.I., lead magnets, and online forms.

Customer Loyality

Benefits Of Customer Analytics

  • Reduced Customer Acquisition Costs - Finding new customers is costly, especially if you’re using strategies, e.g., advertising, and targeted marketing, to increase brand awareness. However, with quality customer analysis, you get more customers and turn them into loyal brand ambassadors.
  • Improved Customer Retention - Retaining existing customers is cheaper than attracting new ones. Customer analytics streamlines businesses and improves customer satisfaction. Resulting in increased profits and reduced churn.
  • Streamlined Customer Service - Customer analytics gives you extremely in-depth knowledge of your customers. This helps in enhancing the efficiency and effectiveness of your customer service operations. It also allows you to learn about existing deficiencies helping you improve your services.

What We Do

Customer Segmentation

At Deeta, we understand that all your customers are not the same. We use advanced statistical models to segment your target customer base. We also do migration analysis to learn how your customers move from one segment to another and what factors drive this movement. This process helps maximize sales and provide your customers with a more tailored shopping experience.

Customer Loyalty Analytics

By understanding your business objectives and core customers, we can determine your high-value customers using a churn model that calculates customer lifetime value (CLTV). The value helps you to keep your high-value customers happy and, at the same time, increase the number of high-value customers.

Call Center Analytics

Deeta Analytics uses advanced techniques such as NLP and NTLK to mine and analyze text and voice call data. These analyses provide insights that help stakeholders develop the right tactics and make key decisions to improve customer satisfaction.

Why Deeta Analytics for Customer Analytics

Experienced and Adaptive Team

Our experienced and professional team is comprised of data science, statistics, and analytics experts, among others. We have completed hundreds of projects in customer analytics and are eager to begin working with you!

Quality Solutions

With hundreds of projects under our belt, Deeta’s innovative team has perfected creating solutions that solve real issues and bring positive results to our clients.

Trusted by Customers

Our service delivery model is focused on helping our clients solve their challenges. As a result, our clients trust us to make their problems our own and work tirelessly to solve them.

  • Increase Credit Card Spend


    Increase Credit Card Spend

  • Increase Revenue For A Specialty Apparel Multi-Channel Retailer


    Increase Revenue For A Specialty Apparel Multi-Channel Retailer

  • Increase “Share-Of-Wallet” From Customers For A Mid-Western Casino


    Increase “Share-Of-Wallet” From Customers For A Mid-Western Casino

  • Reduce Customer Churn And Encourage 2nd Visit For First Time Customers Of A Mid-Western Casino


    Reduce Customer Churn And Encourage 2nd Visit For First Time Customers Of A Mid-Western Casino