Call Center Analytics

Reduce call wait times, optimize staffing and improve customer experience at your call centers

Any company with a service requirement establishes and manages a call center to service their customers. Call centers are important points of contacts for customers. More often than not, customers contact call centers when they face issues. So, a typical call center tends to be a high-pressure environment.

Needless to say that there are several issues that these call centers face such as lack of motivation, high employee churn, consistency in call output and reaching the KRAs. But, the call center managers do not have look too far to solve these issues. The answers may lie in the data that the call centers possess. Unfortunately, very few call centers use them, and even fewer use them effectively.

Deeta Analytics helps in analyzing the call center data and provide insights to empower managers to develop right strategies, tactics and initiatives to increase the efficiency of the team while improving customer satisfaction.

What’s more, when effectively mined, the call center data can be rich sources of input for product development and enhancement. Deeta uses NLP and NTLK techniques to text and voice mine call center data and provide insights to the products and operations teams.

At Deeta, we not only develop insights based on past data, but also use multi variate regression techniques to develop predictive models. Using these insights the call center clients have:

  • Gained speed in diagnosing and implementing automatic issue resolutions and thereby eliminating human error possibilities.
  • Improved operational metrics and reduced Average Handle Time (AHT)
  • Improved customer experience and satisfaction at call centers
  • Improved employee satisfaction leading to reduced employee churn

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