Churn Modeling

Quantify churn risk by customer to target high risk customers for retention

Every company faces with issue of customer churn – some more than the others. What can the companies do minimize the churn?

The first step is to identify the high-risk customers that are most likely to churn. But, it’s easier said than done. Determining which customer, from the tens of thousands of your customers, will churn, when there is no one on one interaction, is very difficult. That’s where advanced analytics helps.

At Deeta Analytics, we use a variety of advanced analytics techniques such as logistic regression, CHAID and other similar decision tree methods to score the risk propensity of each consumer. In addition, we also provide recommendation on which consumers to focus and with what messaging.

These advanced analytics techniques, not only, identify high risk customers, but also the key drivers that you can address to prevent churn.

Once the initial model is developed, then we use Machine Learning techniques to continuously improve the efficacy of the model.

We know your biggest challenge – Churn Prevention! We believe in the golden rule – ‘Retaining a customer is more profitable than acquiring a new one’

  • Integrate and analyze significant data to predict and prevent customer attrition.
  • Strategized and targeted marketing spends, which are an outcome of intelligent analytics, increase customer loyalty and retention.
  • With the advantage of accurate forecasting, provide your customers a hassle free experience