Customer Segmentation

Segment customers to optimize marketing investments and deliver enhanced customer experience

All your customers are not the same. Each customer has unique needs that is reflected in their behaviour and the way they are influenced in their purchase journey.

It is important that you first identify the key drivers that influence their purchase behaviour and use those variables to segment your customer base. The segmentation variables can be demographic, psychographic or behavior characteristics – whatever drives user purchases.

Segmenting the customers will ensure

  • You are making the right investments in appropriate segments
  • Personalize the messages to increase the connect you would have with your customer base.

In the absence of segmentation, you may end up sending multiple messages to the same person and hope that one of those promotional messages would catch their attention. This increases the cost of promotions and leads to dissatisfaction because they get information about products or services that they may not be interested in.

Deeta has advanced analytical skills to use sophisticated statistical models to segment your customer base. We also help our customers with migration analysis to see how the customers move from one segment to other over a period of time and what factors drive this movement. Our customers use this information to prevent churn and migration to low value segments while focusing on activities that encourage customers to migrate to high value segments.

We enable ongoing segmentation capabilities through real time dashboards so that the insights are delivered to key stakeholders within the organization empowering them to choose the right marketing initiatives that increases customer satisfaction and marketing ROI.

Your customer is your king! Gain a holistic view of your customers and boost their experience

  • Big data helps in driving real time marketing and moves you closer to your customers.
  • Gain a deeper understanding of your customer’s transaction behavior patterns and trends.
  • Unlock never-before-realized insights and tailor your products and services for increased customer acquisition and retention.
  • Grow as your customers grow. Big data gives you the advantage of increasing share of wallet, introducing new business models, tapping on future markets and more.
  • Get to know your customer like never before. Customize and design your marketing strategies and campaigns for better results on your ad spends.
  • Feed on the pool of data available to you to analyze and monitor the adrift customers’ feed back for improved customer reactivation.