Data Scientists

We have a dedicated team of Data Scientists. They are well rounded experts having number of years of experience in Statistics, Machine Learning, Data Wrangling, Data Visualization and a variety of software tools to help make sense of the data in multiple formats

  • People

    • 10 + years of project experience
    • 500 + analytical projects
    • Academic background in analytics
    • Complex projects with 500+ variables and 10 M + records
    • Expertise across verticals and horizontals


    • Start with a good understanding of client problems/opportunities
    • Robust process to develop hypotheses
    • Systematic approach in considering and trying all potential models
    • Develop actionable insights in addressing client issue


    • Technology agnostic
    • Develop models in the same language used by our clients
    • Expertise across SAS, SPSS, R, Python, AWS AML and SAP analytics