Data Security

What is Data Security and Governance

Data security and governance is the ability of an organization to provide and protect high-quality data. People and technology are included and help in enabling popper handling of the data.

Data Security Solutions

Benefits Of Data Security and Governance

  • Greater Data Quality - With data governance, businesses benefit from improved data quality. They get great insights due to the standardization and quality of data. This leads to easier and more accurate decision-making. The entire decision-making process is much easier due to more discoverable data.
  • 360-degree view of Data - When implemented correctly, data governance provides a complete view of an organization's complete collection of data assets as well as their location.
  • Protects Valuable Information - Good data security keeps sensitive information under lock and key. Keeping sensitive information away from illegal access gives you an edge over your competitors, who may want to take advantage of your future development plans.

What We Do

Data Compliance

Businesses can depend on us to create quality data compliance reports.

Data Security Solutions

We help you to identify and secure sensitive data, e.g., credit card data. This means we use top-of-the-line data security solutions to protect your data wherever it's stored, either on-premises or in the cloud. Our security solutions include database firewall, data masking and encryption, and user behavior analytics—using machine learning to flag and alert on abnormal activity.

Data Control

We help organizations to have better control over their data by enabling workflow-based data management. This means helping you to grant access to data to appropriate personnel.

Why Deeta Analytics for Data Security and Governance

We Train Key Stakeholders

We make sure that we provide well-defined data governance training that's suited to the modern age. Our training enables key stakeholders and personnel to manage the increased scale and complexity of data.

Flexible and Unique Approach

We use newer and more flexible methods such as integration with next-generation technologies and applications to help you efficiently govern your data. Our unique approach lets you do business with the confidence that data accuracy, reliability, and security are not compromised.

Experienced Personnel

At Deeta, we have certified professionals who have worked on data security for many years. We understand the industry and can recommend immediate solutions for your data security challenges.