Media Entertainment and Advertising

What is Advertising, Media & Entertainment

Business and companies can promote their products using the digital world of film, television, radio, and print. In these four segments, there are movies, TV, and radio shows, music, books, among others. Organizations can use digital media analytics to learn what customers are saying and address any issues.

Clickstream Funnel Analysis

Benefits Of Advertising, Media & Entertainment

  • Advertising - Introduction of New Products to the Market - When new products are introduced to the market, advertising plays a major role in stimulating people to buy the product. Businesses need the right advertising tools and techniques to get the best ROI.
  • Increased Sales - Advertisement increases the volume of sales and facilitates the mass production of goods, which motivates customers to buy more products. To further increase sales, organizations use additional advertising expenditure.
  • Media & Entertainment - Media and entertainment platforms can also be used to help consumers learn new things. Research has shown that using media such as videos helps people understand and grasp concepts faster.

What We Do

At Deeta Analytics, we understand Digital Media. We offer cutting-edge analytics to mine and use data from your digital media source to optimize your digital media spend, improving customer experience, and driving your product improvement.

Clickstream Analysis

By using our clickstream solution, understanding each media’s role in the conversion funnel is simple. Using clickstream lets you optimize your media spend and can also be used to analyze your website’s efficiency and user interface, letting you refine your web content accordingly.

Social Media Analytics

We analyze historical data using advanced multivariate regression techniques to forecast future spending and sales. We then reference our client’s goals to suggest the optimal spending. Using social media analytics, you can spot trends and improve your marketing strategy.

Cookie Analytics

Using Cookie data, you get more information about your users and their behavior. These behaviors can then be used to design tailored marketing schedules that increase leads and decrease Cost per Lead. Cookie analytics also helps you to serve personalized content to your users.

Why Deeta Analytics for Advertising, Media & Entertainment

Experienced Team

Deeta’s analytics team has vast experience in performance metrics. We combine cutting-edge technology and tools with marketing data to provide actionable insights that give you the sharpest competitive edge.

Advanced Marketing Sciences

We use advanced media sciences, such as Media Mix Modeling, Attribution Modeling, Customer Segmentation, and Multivariate Test Design, to create your target audience’s visual image. This helps you make faster decisions that vastly improve your marketing efforts.


At Deeta, we understand that businesses that may not have big budgets still need strategic solutions. That’s why we help businesses with advanced and cost-effective solutions that deliver powerful results.