Education Infrastructure

What is Education

Educational institutions and stakeholders are using data analytics programs to help identify challenges and solutions in institutions. Using data science programs, institutions can help learners acquire knowledge using new and unique strategies.

Data Science in Education

Benefits Of Data Science in Education

  • Strengthen Programs - Using various data tools, institutions can increase outreach and fundraising, thus strengthening their programs and improving academic excellence. By using technology in education, teaching will become more effective, and students will have increased retention.
  • Innovating the Curriculum - Top centers for learning notice and adopt industry trends to be a step ahead of the competition. However, keeping up with trends is time-consuming. To stay updated, institutions use statistical measures and predictive analytics to analyze trends and use the insights gained to provide appropriate courses and content to their students.
  • Prevent Cheating - Some applications allow instructors to use their devices to scan written exams and cross-reference them with resources on the Internet. This verifies if the work is originally from the student.

What We Do

Infrastructure Building

We create modern secure infrastructures and use our experience to help you move your education to the cloud. We also modernize your workloads without affecting your educational goals.

Increased Research Success

We store your data in the cloud, helping you increase research success by storing, integrating, and extracting data intelligence from all your data. Discovering hidden insights becomes easier when your data is located in a central place.

Minimizing IT costs

Deeta helps schools to reduce IT costs by streamlining and optimizing processes. Our systems use a combination of various technologies to help you maximize usage while lowering operational costs.

Why Deeta Analytics

User Protection

Deeta’s technical team is always monitoring and optimizing our platform, avoiding security issues. We take data and user protection very seriously by ensuring that our service quality remains the highest. We have mechanisms in place to shield you from system failure due to operational errors.


Our platform can be customized and integrated with other tools via our API platform. Using this API, you can connect our solution with popular services, e.g., Google, Microsoft, and Salesforce. This makes our platform very versatile, helping you accomplish more.

In-House Expertise

At Deeta, our certified professionals make sure that your project is completed in-house. We do not outsource; instead, we utilize in-house experts and our global talent to complete even the most challenging project.