Einstein Analytics

What is Einstein Analytics

Custom dashboards help you monitor your business and service efforts. They provide charts, monitors, and widgets to visually display your data. With custom dashboards, you receive better insights and save resources.

Using Einstein Analytics you receive deeper insights from large and complex data sets as compared to other dashboards.

Einstein Analytics Dashboard

Benefits Of Einstein Analytics

  • Accurate Reporting - Einstein analytics brings accurate reporting closer, making it easier for you to get valuable business insights and make insightful business decisions.
  • Competitive Analysis - You get better data quality from Einstein analytics which helps you to quickly identify market trends. This competitive analysis leads to increased revenue and operational efficiency.
  • Identify Performance Issues - Using Einstein analytics, you can easily identify any performance issues that affect your business. It lets you quickly fix the issue before it affects your customers. This leads to increased customer satisfaction.

What We Do

Einstein Bots

At Deeta, we develop and manage Einstein Bots for you to help your service agents reduce their load. These bots easily manage simple requests letting your service agents handle complex issues. Finally, the Bots collect pre-chat details of customers, saving your service agent’s time.

Einstein Insights

Using Einstein analytics we help you to be well informed about your business development giving you an edge over your competition. Einstein analytics superior A.I. capabilities let you see insights from all your data.

Einstein Forecasting

We use Einstein analytics to provide you with AI-powered intelligence that vastly improves forecasting accuracy, by tracking your performance and predicting results. With Deeta’s support and implementation, you can predict sales forecasts and plan your strategy.

Why Deeta Analytics for Einstein Analytics

Agile Methodologies

Our experienced team uses a blend of creative and agile methodologies to help you solve your analytics issues. You can expect us to deliver high-quality solutions using advanced techniques.

Rapid Delivery

At Deeta, we understand that our solutions can help businesses stop making errors and increase their profit margins. We know how important these solutions are, that is why we always deliver on time.

Competitive Pricing

We offer our clients unbeatable rates for our solutions. This competitive pricing helps us reach more businesses that need assistance in using modern analytics solutions.

Active Support and Maintenance

We offer active support and maintenance for our solutions. You can count on our experts to solve any issue you might encounter.