Financial Services

What is Financial Analytics

Services such as payments, credit, savings, and insurance that are accessed and delivered through digital channels fall under financial services. In industries such as insurance and banking, gaining and losing money is based on risks; thus, businesses in these industries need a robust data modeling solution that can analyze risks.

Financial Analytics

Benefits Of Financial Analytics

  • Streamlined Operations - Financial services work to streamline internal processes, save time and money, and promote efficiency. Also, businesses discover that they drastically reduce user error.
  • Better Management Decisions - By using robust technology and analytics, organizations become more successful due to allowing management to make strategic business informed decisions.
  • Minimized Risks - Insurance companies are in the financial services industry and work to help businesses to minimize risks. They offer protection against natural calamities and fluctuating business conditions.

What We Do

Fraud Detection

At Deeta, we help financial institutions build analytical infrastructure that uses data visualization to detect and prevent fraud, reduce risky customers, and improve customer experience. Using a combination of data mining tools and A.I., we can search millions of transactions and detect fraudulent transactions.

Credit Card Spend Analytics

Our Credit Card Spend Analytics help businesses increase their share wallet using consumer behavior insights. Identifying spending patterns gives you a deeper understanding of your consumer.

Credit Scoring

We help you create new credit score data models that use data analytics to show real-time footprints left behind by actual consumers. The systems use comprehensive analysis assistance to evaluate credit application and worthiness accurately.

Why Deeta Analytics for Financial Analytics

Experienced Team

Deeta is a trusted partner used by some of the world’s top organizations. We have a team of seasoned fintech experts, Data scientists, and DevOps specialists to help you achieve your project goals.

Modern Technology

We use a combination of various technologies and tools such as Big Data Analytics, A.I. & Machine, and Robotic Process Automation to bring our reliable solutions closer to you.

Supportive and innovative team

Deeta Analytics has a support team that is happy to answer any questions and walk you through any issue you might encounter while using our solutions. We also work to creatively solve your challenges, helping you save costs.