Marketing Analytics

What is Marketing Analytics

If you collect and analyze data to find your marketing efforts’ ROI, you are practicing marketing analytics. Marketing analytics help find areas to improve within your market. We work with key marketing personnel to develop advanced analytical models that guide a company’s new product development efforts, pricing strategy, campaign targeting, and others.

Advanced Marketing Analytics

Benefits Of Marketing Analytics

  • Effective Marketing Spend - Marketing analytics help you to know the exact amount of money your marketing department spends on marketing activities, e.g., paid advertising and SEO. This lets you use your marketing budget effectively.
  • Improved Pricing - Using analytics, you get to sell your products and services at a better price, improving your customer retention rate and attracting new customers.
  • Promotion Efficiency - You can calculate how your promotions are doing by using analytics. Analytics solutions use advanced techniques to measure how much a promotion generates extra profit.
  • Better Campaign Response - You can achieve a higher campaign response rate from your prospects. Analytics measure the number of opens and clicks on your emails to provide you with a sure way to know your response rate and improve accordingly.

What We Do

Price-Elasticity Solution

Marketers go through a long process when determining the price. However, with our price elasticity solution that uses point of sale data, they can now understand the relationship between customer demand and product price and use the information to determine the right prices for their products. Also, they can use analytical data to discover opportune moments to maximize profits.

Promotion effectiveness

At Deeta, we set performance benchmarks for your marketing activities, helping you increase sales by optimizing your marketing and promotion efforts.

New Product development

Using marketing analytics, we help you develop new products according to market demand. This ensures that the new product is placed into a ready and eager market.

Why Deeta Analytics for Marketing Analytics

Powerful And Easy Insights

We make sure that we have user-friendly dashboards so that marketers and business analysts can focus on the insights and explore data trends without wasting time learning the technology.

Customer First Approach

We are focused on helping our clients solve their marketing analytics challenges. This means that our team is proactive in seeking out clients and helping them reach their marketing goals.

Certified Professionals

At Deeta, we have trained analytics experts who can help you solve your marketing analytics challenges. You have the power to make decisions based on data-backed insights.

  • Improve Paid Search Performance


    Improve Paid Search Performance

  • Response Model For A Gift Catalog Company


    Response Model For A Gift Catalog Company

  • Optimize Shelf Space Planning


    Optimize Shelf Space Planning