Power BI

What is Power BI

Power BI provides those with business intelligence and visualization capabilities a user-friendly interface. Microsoft Power BI also connects to many data sets helping businesses see data visually.

Power BI Analysis

Benefits Of Power BI

  • Seamless Integration - Take advantage of Power BI’s easy integration and get more out of your data with existing infrastructure. This integration lets you embed high-quality visualizations into your applications.
  • Industry-leading AI - Power BI uses advanced machine learning models to help prepare data and locate hidden insights quickly. Power BI’s ability to use both structured and unstructured data gives it an advantage over similar tools.
  • Accurate Business Intelligence - Power BI quickly transforms and presents your data in a visual form, providing accurate business intelligence to help you make more enhanced decisions.

What We Do

Power BI Integration

We integrate Power BI with your existing platforms giving you the capability of using interactive data visualizations in applications, websites, and other technologies. We help you embed interactive dashboards and reports using Power BI REST APIs so your users can enjoy your services across multiple devices.

Artificial Intelligence

We create machine learning models, using image recognition and text analytics within Power BI to give you more insights.

Automate Power BI

We help you use automation options so that you can focus on service delivery instead of platform development. Power BI makes it easy to automate processes. For instance, using POWER BI REST APIs, you can refresh your data automatically.

Why Deeta Analytics for Power BI

Fast And Efficient Support

At Deeta analytics, we are always ready to provide support via phone and email. Our website has external resources that cover Power BI. We do not hesitate to send a professional to your place of business if necessary.

Experienced Team

Our team has worked on hundreds of projects using Power BI. We have certified data scientists who understand the process of Power BI’s. Take advantage of our knowledge and get Power BI now.

Latest Technologies

At Deeta, we always keep updated on the latest technological advancements in our field. This enables us to be one step ahead of our competitors, giving our clients outstanding service.