Retail Analytics

What is Retail Analytics

Businesses can use analytical tools to see business patterns, trends, and consumer demand in the retail industry. The information gained from retail analytics gives detailed insights on customers and helps improve businesses by assisting them in making critical procurement and marketing decisions.

Retail Data Analytics

Benefits Of Retail Analytics

  • Customer Behavior Insights - Retail Analytics gives businesses the ability to see an in-depth analysis of their customer behavior. Retail uses a wide range of sources to gather this data, such as social response and campaign performance, to give detailed information of what is working and what is not.
  • Improving Marketing ROI - Retail analytics measures purchase patterns for business owners. As a result, they can focus on streamlining campaigns based on what their customers prefer leading to improved ROI.
  • Optimizing In-Store Operations - Businesses get a better understanding of their consumers using in-store analytics. Store managers can use data from shopping patterns to try different layouts and product placements that draw more attention to products.

What We Do

POS Data mining

At Deeta Analytics, we use advanced POS data mining techniques to help retailers and CPG companies make data-driven strategies in pricing and promoting products, and improving customer experience.

Market Basket Analysis

Deeta analytics helps you to increase the effectiveness of your shelf space merchandising using our advanced product affinity analytics. Businesses that use our solution can now target customers and cross-sell products more accurately.

Improving Sales Promotion

Deeta uses sophisticated quantitative techniques to breakdown and understands your promotional methods’ effect on business performance and ROI. We then use various data analytics, such as customer segments, to increase your marketing effectiveness.

Why Deeta for Retail Analytics

Excellent Track Record

Deeta delivers advanced analytics solutions to maximize our client’s key performance indicators. Since our founding, we have worked on and completed hundreds of projects in various industries. This makes us one of the best analytics solutions around.

Custom Solutions

Our unique approach to problem-solving enables us to solve our client’s challenges in an innovative way. Using a rigorous and innovative analytical process, our creative team delivers customized analytics solutions that are made just for you.

Innovative Team

Our team of experts delivers the highest quality creative solutions to best tackle your challenges. We ensure that our unique solutions will also save you money.