POS Data Mining

Identify profitable categories, good vs bad stores, loss leaders and profitable market baskets using transactional data

As a retailer, use data mining to gain a comprehensive knowledge on the ad spends, popular offers and sales strategies – their performance and ROIs.

  • Our solution helps in forecasting and anticipating volumes based on same-day sales of a year ago and other factors that can be folded in to the algorithm.
  • Use the analytical advantage to develop new product lines, review existing product’s performance, monitor product life cycle and identify the needs for incremental changes.
  • Data mining helps in optimizing test markets for successful global launch of new concepts and product innovations.
  • Improve the efficiency of your distribution channels and identify the right mix of channels using cross channel Analysis
  • With an in-depth in-store analysis, keep track of customer foot falls, average time spent in the store, aisles with maximum attraction, vantage points for advertising and more.
  • Utilize the benefit of transaction analysis to understand customer’s spending patterns and routines.