Risk Analytics

What is Risk Analytics

Risk analytics uses data to predict future events that may negatively affect a product or service. Organizations use various data sources, e.g., artificial intelligence, machine learning, and the internet of things, to do risk analytics and make better decisions.

For risk managers, risk analytics helps take the guesswork out of managing risk-related issues using big data.

Risk Analytics Management

Benefits Of Risk Analytics

  • Real-time Situational Awareness - Businesses get correct information about where they are currently in terms of risk. They can create alerts that monitor anomalies and know instantly when problems happen, helping them to respond quickly.
  • Product Portfolio Analysis - Businesses can use real-time portfolio monitoring to evaluate performance. This means they can adjust their portfolio and improve performance.
  • Reduce Losses - Using machine learning, businesses can identify high-risk clients and reduce their losses by screening for risky deals.

What We Do

Credit Risk Analytics Management

We help you assess credit risk by creating a credit risk rating and building scorecards for credit decisions. We also can create regular portfolio reviews and credit analyses.

Fraud Detection and Prevention

At Deeta, we use predictive models to estimate risk and detect fraud before it happens using advanced data mining techniques, including machine learning and artificial intelligence. Our data mining solutions spot patterns and detect fraudulent transactions while searching millions of transactions.

Operational Risk Management

Deeta’s Risk Management solutions are based on years of process excellence. These processes include risk management analysis, data integrity, data analysis, and data validation.

Why Deeta Analytics for Risk Analytics

Innovative Solutions

Deeta’s risk analytics solution uses advanced technologies and valuable experience from our experienced team to help businesses identify and manage risks innovatively.

Self-service Analytics

You can use our user-friendly risk analytics solution to create personalized reports and dashboards. This saves you time since you no longer need IT intervention.


Our experienced team has have become experts in similar projects. They are experienced in designing and implementing risk management tools for all businesses and markets.