What is Salesforce

The Salesforce software as a service (SaaS) platform helps you with customer relationship management (CRM). It uses cloud technology to help you collaborate and connect with customers and partners.

Salesforce CRM

Benefits Of Salesforce

  • Collaboration - With Salesforce, you can easily communicate with team members helping you be more productive wherever you may be located. Some features, such as “Chatter”, let you talk directly with individuals about work-related information.
  • Customer information - Salesforce is a hub of customer information. It collects a large quantity of data, thus letting you easily keep track of all the information you need when you need it. You can go back to retrieve data from a customer’s profile anytime.
  • Time management - Since Salesforce has plenty of information, you get to benefit from better time management. You don’t have to search for client information; this lets you focus on other tasks, improving your business growth.

What We Do

Salesforce Implementation Services

Our team has years of experience in CRM development; Deeta provides Salesforce implementation services, such as configuration, customization, and migration. Our team makes sure that Salesforce is correctly integrated with your systems.

Salesforce Analytics

We help you use Salesforce analytics for clear visualizations. You can now organize the metrics you want into simple dashboards that let you see your business patterns and trends.

Salesforce Managed Services

Managed services prevent system issues before they affect service delivery. Deeta makes sure that your Salesforce solution is kept stable and is evolving with your sales and customer service needs.

Why Deeta Analytics for Salesforce

Vast Experience

Our team has many years of experience in CRM solutions and salesforce. We have over 50 professionals who are always ready to help you solve any business issue. With expertise in IoT, machine learning, and analytics, our expertise goes beyond salesforce.


At Deeta, we use innovative ways to solve your challenges. We don’t merely deliver projects, but our highly trained team uses creativity to ensure that they solve them innovatively.

Support Team

Our support team is always ready to walk you through any issues you might encounter. We have trained personnel who can come to your office and help you technically.