SAP Analytics

We have a dedicated team of SAP Analytics resources. With SAP being the dominant platform for enterprise applications, we have developed an established process to design and develop advanced statistical models and capture exclusive business scenarios for your organization.

SAP Analytics Cloud

Our SAP analytics cloud solution helps you make comprehensive analytics on your data and has decision ready insights in real time.

Key Features

We help customers to capitalize value on all data either on SAP or non-SAP system with 360degree insights across all applications.
  • SAP Analytics Cloud R Visualization feature allows users to integrate their own R environment into SAP Analytics Cloud.
    • Ability to create and customize R scripts based on client need that includes packages for advanced visualizations, statistics, Machine Learning.
    • The R visualization capabilities within SAP Analytics Cloud enable you to create interactive visualizations for advanced statistical and analytical analyses,
      • Insert R visualizations into your stories
      • Interact with your visualizations, using controls such as filters
      • Edit your R scripts and preview visualizations