We have a dedicated team of SAS resources. Our team has performed a variety of surveys, regression analysis, Market data analytics, customer segmentation analysis and have helped a variety of our customers in analysing multiple scenarios and provide analytics.

Strong SAS programming background for creating, maintaining existing code, ad hoc reporting and supporting the reporting functions. Expertise in using various SAS report generating procedures such as: PROC REPORT, PROC GPLOT, PROC GCHART, PROC COMPARE, PROC EXPORT, PROC SQL, PROC TRANSPOSE, PROC COPY, PROC SUMMARY, PROC IMPORT

Key Features

Developed and modelled complex SAS programs, macros for data updates, data cleansing, and reporting.
Deep expertise in Machine Learning Data/ Text Mining, NLP, Decision Trees, Neural Networks, Deep Learning Algorithms and Statistical Modeling
Ability in working with scalable platforms for processing of huge data sets. Experience in building state of the art solutions with structured, semi structured and unstructured data.