What is Snowflake

Snowflake technology is a migration service that uses a cloud data warehouse to store all your data in a single platform. It brings simplicity to data warehousing. Snowflake has many advantages, including automatically scaling.

Snowflake Learning for Education

Benefits Of Snowflake

  • User Friendly - Snowflake has an intuitive interface and can be quickly started without impacting work. Snowflakes’ multi-cluster architecture solves resource allocation and makes service disruption a thing of the past.
  • Automated Platform - Snowflake makes administration easier for users by taking care of software updates, configurations, and infrastructure scaling. In addition, it supports advanced features such as large data workload and sharing. All these automated features make your life easier which allows for more time to focus on results.
  • Cost-effective - Snowflake is cost-effective; stored data and computer hours are not considered. The platform only considers the usage time. You can also pause the software when you’re not using it to cut off idle costs.

What We Do

Snowflake for Education

Snowflake allows us to use data to power education in many ways. A few of these include delivering engaging learning experiences and collaboration. Using data clouds, organizations can get next-generation learning approaches that improve academics.

Snowflake for Technology

Using Snowflakes data cloud, we can help you turn your data into a growth catalyst that delivers actionable insights. We take care of the data cloud so that you spend more time working on transforming data into insights.

Why Deeta Analytics for Snowflake

Quick Deployment

Deeta’s in-house experts help you to implement Snowflake as quickly as possible. We also go the extra mile in helping you to manage any challenges you may have along the way..

Excellent Planning

Our team of professionals is extremely profficent with everything Snowflake. We design a working roadmap to help you migrate, implement, and transformation your data securely and efficiently.