Supply Chain Analytics

What is Supply Chain Analytics

Supply chain analytics grabs data from procurement, processing, and distribution of goods, analyzes it, and as a result, gains insights. Businesses and organizations use supply chain analytics to better understand how their ideal market is responding to their products.

Supply Chain Analytics Tracking

Benefits Of Supply Chain Analytics

  • Better Risk Management - Businesses and organizations can improve risk management using patterns and trends identified in the supply chain. They can also predict future risks and thus avoid them.
  • Better Planning - Businesses can analyze customer data and identify factors that increase or decrease demand for specific products. They can then use this data to plan effectively.
  • Improved Order Management - Businesses can use data to assess inventory levels and predict demand resulting in improved order management. They also use data to make obtaining more efficient and cheaper by analyzing spending and identifying opportunities for discounts or alternative sources.

What We Do

Demand Forecasting

Our analytics solution can generate accurate demand forecasts by using historical and market data. This reduces risk and improves your profit margin while also showing you opportunities that you can exploit.

Defect Tracking and Detection

Deeta’s supply chain solution helps you identify and track defects in your products. Identifying defects quickly lets you properly communicate information to developers so they can quickly fix them. Your clients and stakeholders receive the defect reports, resulting in more customer satisfaction.

Inventory Planning

Using our supply chain analytics solution, you will understand how much inventory you need and when you’ll need it. This will allow you to have more control over your cash flow.

Why Deeta Analytics for Supply Chain Analytics

Customizable Supply Chain Analytics Solutions

We offer quality, customizable solutions to help business stakeholders improve supply chain planning. With our analytics solutions, you can reduce excess spending and improve your planning and profit margins.

Leading Technology

We always stay abreast of the latest trends in technology, making our supply chain analytics solutions more advanced, giving our clients more value.

Customer Support

At Deeta, we make sure our clients have what they need when they need it. We give our clients solutions in real-time and respond instantly when challenges arise.

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