Tableau Online

What is Tableau

The Tableau visual analytics platform helps you see and understand data visually. Tableau can quickly transform any form of raw data into an understandable format.

Tableau Visual Analytics

Benefits Of Tableau

  • Data Visualization - Tableau supports data blending and complex computations creating actionable visualizations that deliver clear insights that would not be seen otherwise. It is one of the highest-rated tools in data visualizations.
  • Easy Implementation - Tableau is easy to learn compared to other visualization tools. You do not need coding knowledge to use Tableau. It has many visualization options that make for a pleasant user experience.
  • Large Data Amounts - Tableau handles large data sets with ease. You can create various types of visualizations using large data sets, and you are guaranteed that the dashboards’ performance won’t be affected.

What We Do

Build Analytical Content

Our experienced team easily cleans, designs, and collects data from various data sources to create clear visualizations and dashboards.

Data Preparation

We use advanced techniques in collaboration with Tableau prep builder to prepare data for analysis. We also use Tableau Prep Conductor to monitoring data flow across your organization.

Consulting Services

We accelerate your time to value by helping you choose the right option. We understand that every deployment and environment is unique, so we make sure that we create a tailor-made solution just for you. This helps you to achieve your business outcomes quickly.

Why Deeta Analytics for Tableau

Deep Industry Experience

At Deeta analytics, we have a dedicated team of experts who specialize in visual analysis solutions. Our experts work in various industries using complex databases to create drag and drop data visualization solutions. We are experts in creating customized interactive reports, dashboards, and report scheduling using various data aggregation techniques.

Tailor-made Solutions

We make sure that the solutions we create meet the needs of all people in your team. People across all levels can make data-driven decisions, making your organization more efficient.


Deeta’s company structure makes it easy to deliver results quickly. We reduce development time, helping you get your ideas in action without bureaucracy.