Telecom Organizations

What is Telecom Analytics

Telecom organizations can use Business Intelligence (BI) technologies to solve challenges. These challenges may include reducing fraud and churn, increasing sales, and improving risk management.

With the Internet of Things (IoT), telecom industries can monitor and detect device breakdowns in real-time.

Telecom Analytics

Benefits Of Telecom Analytics

  • Improving Customer Experience - Telecom call centers can use predictive analytics to enhance the customer experience. These analytics are based on customer information, technical logs, among other sources, to increase call resolution rates, therefore, improving customer experience.
  • Churn Prediction - Telecoms can use data from customers that have already churned to predict churn potential on existing customers. This insight allows for effective preventive actions to prevent churn, improving customer retention rate.
  • Automated Data Mapping - Analytic solutions can easily verify customer data. Automated Data mapping makes the verifying process more efficient by reducing the time and resources used to verify data manually.

What We Do

Network Optimization

Deeta uses advanced analytical models to speed up troubleshooting to flag potential problems and solve existing issues within minutes.

ARPU Analytics

Deeta’s ARPU analytics solutions are focused on an individual using telecom services. This ARPU measure is used to survey the amount of revenue generated per cellphone unit. Understanding your customer’s behavior has never been easier, resulting in improved customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Device Fault Analytics

Predictive Analytics reduce network downtime and flag issues before they affect the network. Using our advanced data intelligence solutions, telecoms get to save costs, improve customer experience and maximize the utilization of their infrastructure.

Why Deeta Analytics for Telecom Analytics

Privacy and Security

Deeta’s analytics programs protect IT infrastructure, allowing stakeholders to effectively control their data and the data of their clients.

Risk Mitigation

Deeta’s solutions flag potential risks and allow telecoms to minimize the impact of risks. This saves time and money, resulting in improved profit margins.

Architectural Experience

Our team has handled hundreds of projects using the latest tools. Let us help you get you to improve your service using our experience in building telecom analytic solutions.