Business Analytics

Leading Analytics and Business Intelligence Company

Deeta Analytics is a leading analytics and business intelligence company that helps clients incorporate the use of data analysis in their businesses.

  • We are headquartered in Chicago, USA, although we also have a Global Development Center in Chennai, India.
  • Deeta’s multi-talented team is comprised of data scientists, business analysts, solution architects, and programmers who have successfully worked on hundreds of projects. Our expertise is in many areas which include Cloud Data architecture, Data Engineering, Data Warehousing, Data Lakes, Data Science, and Data Visualization.
  • Our highly experienced team specializes in various industries such as Financial Services, CPG and Retail, Telecom, Media and Technology, Pharmaceuticals and Healthcare, Digital Media, Education, Manufacturing, and Hospitality.
  • We are thrilled to work with any company in Marketing Analytics, Operational Analytics, Risk Analytics, and Supply Chain Analytics to help out and solve problems to ensure success.
Data Warehouse

Our Process

Steps taken once a project has begun:

  • Our team formulates relevant hypotheses.
  • We choose the right analytical methods to prepare data for analysis.
  • Once the problem is identified, our highly skilled technical team takes over with the chosen analytical method. Our team makes sure you are consulted every step of the way so that you can benefit by getting ongoing insights.
  • We follow an advanced and diligent approach to solve your business problems using analytics.


To be the world leader in advanced analytics and to enable technology implementation.


To deliver world-class advanced analytics, statistical models, and regularly implement technology to enable the institutionalization of data-driven decision-making for our clients.